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KIT's Specialized eLearning Modules

These modules are available in the KIT Online Learning Center and typically take 30 minutes to complete..

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Introduction to Inclusion   EASING TRANSITIONS

Transitions can be times when you see the most behavior in your program. To help ease transitions, this course discusses tools and techniques to help prepare children and youth for a smooth transition from one activity to another. Learn to support transitions with cues, transition activities and other helpful tools.
Respectful Accommodations STOP, SCHEDULE, SUPPORT

A daily schedule, and the staff's ability to communicate it, has a large effect on how children and youth experience your program. For many children and youth with disabilities, designing and supporting an appropriate schedule is critical to their ability to participate. In this module learners will describe one program ritual for supporting the schedule and use a self-assessment to evaluate the ritual. Learners will also select the appropriate adapted format for communicating the schedule in 4 scenarios.