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Internal Evaluation

Internal Evaluation

Training Quality

As part of continuing program improvement, KIT has developed psychometrically sound evaluation instruments to measure our trainers and ensure they are consistently meeting high standards. Evaluations are completed following every training and scales are analyzed regularly.

Internal Context, Input, Process, Product

A CIPP Evaluation is currently underway within KIT to determine the inputs and processes of the organization as it seeks to carry out its goals. KIT continually asks "What other inputs could be useful? What are the products of our efforts?"

Training of Trainers

One of KIT's goals is organizational integration in community organizations. One of the ways this is achieved is through our Facilitator Training program. An evaluation to determine the desired outcome is planned. This evaluation expects to speak to the organizational effect of KIT's intervention.

External Evaluation

KIT is continually working with out-of-school time organizations to determine their needs as they relate to inclusion , and help them work toward their strategic plan.

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